Cash Flow Planning

The essence of paying for college is cash flow management. For most families there is an inherent conflict between funding college for their kids and funding retirement for themselves. Our cash flow programs help you find hidden funds that can be used to pay for college, and build your retirement assets at the same time. Well-designed cash flow management can help you to:

  • Restructure your finances to find hidden money in your budget
  • Reposition your assets to better qualify for free gift aid
  • Restructure your debt to pay off college loans, mortgages, and other debt in record time 
  • Let the IRS help pay for college with “tax scholarships”
  • Find ways to get colleges to offer your student more grants and scholarships
  • Borrow money efficiently to save thousands in interest costs
  • Use your business resources to get tax savings for college expenses

There are dozens of strategies we can use to potentially save you thousands in fees, interest, and taxes while increasing your cash flow.